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your swiss partner in compliance


a solid compliance understanding helps each organization to adherence to required standards, to win trust through increasing transparency, and to meet the expectations of both internal and external stakeholders.

we focus on improving and optimizing your compliance strategy. we identify areas for enhancement and offer guidance through tailored recommendations.


like lots of other consulting companies around the world.


it just happened that we make it in a clear way, based on our on-the field experience and supported by strong motivation for the topic.


financial grants are often the most important element to the operations of many organizations. however, managing them effectively poses significant challenges. ensuring compliance with the donor terms requires planning, time management, robust procedures and lots of patience. 


you focus on what’s fun to you - the implementation of your goals, and we on what’s fun to us - making the process around your upcoming review a little less painful. 


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transparency building

receiving financial grants comes together with reporting requirements to ensure transparent management of funds.


different needs, templates, and definitions cause misunderstandings and issues during an audit. 


we support you during your reporting period to the donors, while bringing you know-how to reduce the time investment.    

future improvement 

often the reporting after a review or an audit comes with suggestions of how to improve the future results. In some cases the funding takes place on a regular bases and has a recurring form over the years.

especially in this cases it is crucial to show willingness and motivation to do better going forward, to avoid funds shortages or even losses. 


however, the results are often prepared by external auditing companies, which write their deliverables in a way no one actually understands and do not invest additional time to explain the content.


we support you to better understand the required improvement points, and share any applicable previously implemented strategies on how to start working on the positive change.    

understanding first aid 

each type of funding has its own requirements e.g., main focus of funds usage, expected outputs, given limitations.

these come also in different forms like contracts, one pagers or even extensive regulations.

either your organization seeks to ensure grant-compliance with the requirements during an already ongoing project, or it wants to be better prepared from the beginning - we support you to gain better understanding of what is required to minimize the risk of founds' misusage. 

review support

the review period is stressful and cause inconvenience for everyone.

however, it is the essential part and the best opportunity to show your donors the positive impact and outputs of your hard work. 

the review results may be negatively influenced due to misunderstandings or missing arguments under time pressure. 

if desired, we support you also during this period while facing the auditors side by side to present your organization and your outputs how they deserve it. 

documentation best practices

across the world we have seen different levels of maturity regarding funds' governance. different sizes of organizations, payment methods, resources and infrastructures available. 


despite the level of maturity of your organization it always can get better and worse. 


we support management of your supporting documents, while sharing the best practices and coaching on how you can reduce time and  costs, as well as improve audit preparations. 

extra mile included 

all of the proposed services and delivered projects come with a holistic view on the organization, resulting in benchmarking across different industries.   

should we recognize any possibility for further operational improvement at your organization, we proudly share our tips and tricks to deliver you the best consulting experience. 



40+ supported projects 


5000+ hours of consulting work 


30+ associations and NGOs on 6 continents  


audit experience 


remote and on-site project structures 

in everything we do, we believe we bring you a real value 

remaining availability

3 projects in 2024

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